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Education and Empowerment to #GiveHope to young girls

As written by Zuzana, a volunteer at SB OverSeas in Lebanon. SB OverSeas is currently working to provide education in Lebanon for 1,400 refugee children. This story shows how education and empowerment is an important tool in preventing child marriage from the perspective of those in the ground in Lebanon. 

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Child Marriage: Sherine’s Story

As written by Raisa Elhadi, who is currently volunteering with SB Overseas in Lebanon This is a story of a girl named Sherine, but her name could be Amina, or Amal, or Sara, or any one of hundreds, even thousands of names of girls with almost the same story. Girls

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Lancement de notre campagne #GiveHope

SB Overseas lance sa deuxième campagne annuelle #GiveHope. L’année dernière, grâce à votre soutien, nous avons permis à 1180 enfants d’aller à l’école au Liban. Cette année, notre objectif est de dépasser ce succès en réussissant à envoyer 1400 enfants à l’école.   La guerre en Syrie a causé la

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Our #GiveHope campaign is live!

SB Overseas is launching its second annual #GiveHope campaign. Last year, thanks to your support, we managed to enable 1180 children to attend school in Lebanon. This year, our aim is to surpass that achievement with our new goal of placing 1400 children in schools. The Syrian war has caused

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SB OverSeas choisie comme association caritative de l’année

« Maintenant, je veux commencer à m’aider … nos parents n’ont pas essayé de nous éduquer.  Maintenant, j’ai l’opportunité d’apprendre et d’être capable de subvenir à mes besoins et d’être indépendante. Je voulais être éduquée, maintenant je suis heureuse avec moi-même. Cela me fait me sentir vivante. »   SB Overseas a

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Early marriage of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Author: Veronica Lari Context According to UNHCR’s latest updates, more than 1 million Syrian refugees live in Lebanon[1], meaning that it now hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees per capita in the world. The government of Lebanon is consistently refusing to give formal status to informal camps[2], and on

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Millions of Syrian refugees denied education in Turkey

Author: Julie Baijot Introduction According to the UNHCR’s latest Global Trends report “Forced Displacement”, 65.6 million individuals were forcibly displaced because of persecution, conflict, violence, or Human Rights violations during 2016.[1] Among these 65.6 million, 22,5 million were refugees.[2] Today, the Syria Regional Refugee Response reports that 5,344,184 persons are

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