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Job Title: Project Development Intern

Location: Brussels

Category: Intern

Duration: Six months

Reports To: Project Development Officer


The position of Project Development Intern is responsible to assist the Project Development Officer in the identification, planning and implementation of development projects; and the search for stable, continuous and reliable sources of funds.

Primary Tasks:

  • Research calls and other sources of funds from corporations, foundations, government organisations, and other international organisations
  • Assist the Project Development Officer in preparation of funding proposals/requests
  • As directed by the Project Development Officer, engage in direct contact with potential donors, organisations, and other potential sources of funds
  • Assist the Project Development Officer in the preparation of development project proposals
  • Assist the Project Development Officer in the preparation of an implementation plan, timeline and cost accounting for each approved development project
  • Assist the Project Development Officer in the preparation of reports and official letters for sponsors/donors providing updates and end-of-project reports with regard to expenditure of funds and overall success of the project
  • Assist the Project Development Officer in other ways as directed

Secondary Tasks:

  • Participation in SB Espoir weekend activities as a team member
  • Preparation of SB Espoir weekend reports for presentation to the Project Development Officer

Essential Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience writing proposals and presentations
  • Fundraising experience
  • Very good communication skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Good computer skills

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Fundraising experience
  • Project development experience
  • Refugee experience
  • Multi-national experience
  • Second language: French and/or Dutch

Personal Attributes:

  • Highly motivated, energetic, and capable of independent work
  • Confident and direct when representing SB Overseas to sponsors/donors or funding agencies
  • Displays strong personal initiative
  • Works well under pressure
  • Social and engaging with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Flexible and open to new ideas
  • Calm and rational with a logical and analytical approach to problems


  • Normal office environment, with regular outdoor activity on weekends
  • May require travel within EU or to Lebanon
  • Will require weekend work for SB Espoir
  • Normal working hours are:
    • Monday – Thursday 0900-1700
    • Sat/Sun – three hours each day.


Among the functions and the results s/he is expected to achieve:

1- Manage and oversee the programs, activities, operations and team members and ensure the successful achievement of planned goals and strategies.

2-Oversee the development of programs that align with SB’s strategic plan in coordination with team members.

3-Coordinate with the HQ-Leb to ensure proper implementation of projects in compliance with SB’s strategies, rules and policies as well as with the sector’s best practices and the national and international accepted standards and regulations.

4-Develop project budget and ensure that appropriate budget management practices are maintained at all times and that all reporting practices are in line with donors’ requirements — in coordination with the HQ-Leb.

5-Liaise with partners and donors to develop new relations and maintain the current ones while ensuring proper communication and the development of innovative fundraising strategies that will result in the acquirement of new contracts — in coordination with the HQ-Leb.

6-Maintain a good relationship with SB’s partners and develop a fundraising strategy to motivate funding of SB’s programs and activities.

7-Develop and maintain positive, constructive and supportive relationships among the different projects, teams, partners, and other relevant stakeholders.

Position reports to: Head of Mission

Position in the center:S/he manages a team (teachers, educators, Psychologist…)

Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic Program Management

Define, develop and implement the operational programing in the center:

  • S/He develops the strategy for the Education, Vocation Training in close coordination with the Head of Mission.
  • S/He technically defines the Education, Vocation Training component in the whole programming strategy at mission level in close coordination with the Head of Mission.
  • S/He strongly supports the writing of concept notes, proposals and budgets for new projects and extensions of projects in coordination with the Head of Mission.
  • S/He supervises and follows up the implementation of Education, Vocation Training (objectives achievement, follow up of the indicators, respect of the work plan).
  • S/He identifies the best practices in the Education, Vocation Training and ensures their capitalization.
  • S/He shares documentation about Education, Vocation Training with the team.

Manage the Education, Vocation Training team:

  • S/He ensures the technical supervision of Education, Vocation Training team.
  • S/He ensures the administrative HR management (daily attendance, leaves management) in collaboration with the HQ-Leb
  • S/He ensures timely completion and submission of appraisals for Education, Vocation Training staff.
  • In coordination with the HQ-Leb, S/He clearly defines the training needs of Education, Vocation Training staff and ensures they are able to access training and professional development resources appropriate to their skill gaps/needs.

Ensure logistical, administrative monitoring of the Education, Vocation Training

  • S/He is kept informed about the budget follow up analysis and approves any decision to be taken related to the modification of the Education, Vocation Training budgets (reallocation, change of activities, project extension) in coordination with the Head of Mission.
  • In collaboration with the logistics coordination, S/He contributes to analyzing bids made by suppliers for purchases with stringent technical specifications

Partnership & Networking

  • Supervise the management of partnership relations and ensure smooth communication and productive collaboration with all partners, networks and stakeholders.
  • Overview the joint interventions between SB and its partners and ensure that all activities follow proper quality measures, accountability and adherence to the principles that SB fosters (such as gender sensitivity, Do No Harm, etc.).
  • Support SB’s partners in the development and implementation of joint projects/interventions.
  • Ensure the collaboration of and coordination among SB’s partners if they are working on the same projects.
  • Organize meetings with partners to discuss project impediments, risks and assumptions, needed resources or issues/delays in completing planned tasks.
  • Represents SB to Education, Vocation Training in relevant sectors and ensure goodrelationships are maintained with each of them.

Program Fundraising

  • Monitor and explore gender-related strategic opportunities and budget lines and accordingly develop matching concepts and proposals that would raise proper funds — while working in close collaboration with the project team and the HQ-Leb.
  • Develop fundraising strategies, diversify aid resources and target individuals, foundations and corporate funding sources.
  • Manage funding strategies and activities to ensure the sustainability and viability of SB’s programs.
  • Manage and maintain SB’s relations with current partners and donors as well as plan to create new partnerships with agencies and donors both locally and internationally.
  • Contribute in building SB’s visibility and in promoting its achievements, value propositions, quality services and competitive advantages.

Reporting and Communication

  • Provide regular updates and monthly reports to the HQ-Leb on all issues related to the programs’ progress, challenges, achievements and other important or emerging issues.
  • Ensure communication flow internally by putting effective practices for regular project team meetings, reviews, reporting, information and knowledge sharing and management.
  • Ensure most effective and external communication by reporting timely with partners, donors and stakeholders.
  • Organize regular meetings with the team (both separately and collectively) to discuss project wins, achievements, impediments, risks, emerging needs, delays and measures that should be taken.
  • Serve as a focal point to communicate and resolve interface and integration issues with all programs.
  • Provide professional guidance, technical support, mentoring and coaching to the team to help them manage their activities more effectively.
  • Motivate the team through SB’s values and principles.
  • Support team members and implementation of the capacity building plan of the teams.
  • Ensure proper capacity development and the use of best practices, proper attitudes and behavior by all the team members.
  • Create an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking, and cohesive team effort.
  • Assess team performance regularly and encourage creativity, learning and constant improvement.
  • Recognize and celebrate team members’ accomplishments and exceptional performances.
  • Manage and resolve personal and professional conflicts among team members.


University Degree in education or related field;


  • 2 years management experience in an NGO environment, including Education and emergencies experience;
  • Proficient user of MS office
  • Experience in managing projects focusing on child protection / psychosocial support / education;
  • A very good understanding of the public Lebanese Education system;
  • Knowledge of logistics, including procurement;
  • Knowledge of international humanitarian systems, institutions and donors, and of procedures, accountability frameworks and best practices in emergency management;
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills;
  • Demonstrated people and financial management skills;
  • Attention to detail
  • Fluency in English

We are looking for a highly motivated and capable individual with experience with experience at field level and knowledge of our modus operandi.

Start date: May

Duration:One year (2 months internship + 10 CD) (with possibility of renewal)

Period: One year (2 months’ internship + 10 CD) (with possibility of renewal)

Starting date: Jul 2018

Location: Lebanon

 Description: SB Overseas is looking for an enthusiastic and qualified ESL teacher to help run two of our schools for refugee children in Lebanon. Your main responsibilities will be developing the curriculum and providing training and ongoing support to teachers and volunteers. In our schools, volunteers are primarily responsible for leading English lessons with refugee children who have beginning literacy or low beginning ESL. In some cases, volunteers may also teach Maths and Science with the assistance of our teaching staff.

We deliver a curriculum of remedial education for young refugee children who have missed out on one or more years of their education. The refugee children in our schools need remedial education in order to have a chance of passing entry tests for the Lebanese public education system. Without access to public education, they risk missing out on an education permanently and becoming a ‘lost generation’.

Position reports to: Head of mission.

Position in the center:S/he collaborates closely with manger of the centers, teachers and team leader.

 Roles/ Duties:

  • Preparation of curriculum and daily lesson plans based on student needs
  • Develop active learning instructional strategies to enhance learning
  • Conduct pre and post testing of all students to measure degree of change in English knowledge
  • Maintain attendance sheets
  • Provide ongoing support and training to volunteers.

Required skills/experience:

  • Proficiency in speaking, reading and writing English, preferably as a native English speaker.
  • TESOL/TEFL or other ESL teaching qualifications
  • Prior experience teaching English as a second language to refugees
  • Commitment to teach for 6 months
  • Skills in cross-cultural communication, organization, planning and teaching/instruction preferably as an Arabic speaker.

How to apply:

To apply, please send your CV to

Please note the position is unremunerated, however accommodation and food subsidy is provided with contribution from the intern. More details on this will be provided during the interview.


  • University Degree in ESL.

Competencies: (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)

  • Previous teaching experience
  • Education in primary education is a bonus
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office – word processing, spread sheets, etc.
  • Experience working with children from difficult backgrounds
  • Ability to manage classroom behavior with students who can be challenging.
  • Ability to create new and adapt current curriculum that is engaging and relevant for our students


  • Fluency in English;


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