April 4, 2018 at 8:00 am Everywhere

#GiveHope Campaign 2018

On the 4 April, we celebrate the International Day of Hope by launching our annual #GiveHope campaign. With this campaign, we aim to provide education to 1,400 displaced children who are attending our catch-up schools in Lebanon. As part of this campaign, we want to create a wave of solidarity on social media in order to raise awareness of the crucial role of education in preventing this so-called ‘lost generation’.

To support this initiative, you can:

1. Buy a #GiveHope t-shirt – http://sboverseas.org/product/givehope-shirt/

2. On the International Day of Hope on the 4th of April, post a picture of yourself wearing the T-shirt on all your social media pages with the following: #GiveHope and #sb_overseas and the link to our website: sboverseas.org! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A T-SHIRT, no fear, post a picture of yourself with a sign saying #GiveHope. Extra points for creativity!

3. Update your profile picture with our #GiveHope frame. You can do this by (a) clicking ‘Update profile picture’, (b) click add frame, (c) search for SB OverSeas and (d) chose from one of our three frames.

4. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram on the day to keep updated on our events and maybe see some familiar faces.

SB OverSeas offers children and women different types of education, as education can mean different things for different people. For children, SB OverSeas offers catch-up schooling in order for them to access public education systems. For women, SB OverSeas offers professional courses, for example in hairdressing and sewing. Essential to all our programmes is the psychosocial support we offer to everybody!

Education is essential for refugees, because it is a means of giving them hope for the future, by offering them the possibility, first, to integrate in the society, and second, to be able to gain an income in the future.




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