SBO’s empowerment programs support women and girls’ skills building and resilience. We train women and adolescents girls in various professions and vocational skills. One example is our program aimed at contributing to eliminating illiteracy among women and children.

SBO asbl further deliver psychological aid and support for children and women, especially those victims of war traumas and young girls’ victims of child-marriage. We deliver specific and studied programs developed by psychologists and social workers.

SBO is supported by the government who collaborate with various national and foreign institutions and bodies in order to achieve a comprehensive development of the region.

We further raise awareness about the rights of women and girls, anti-discrimination and gender equality.

Enrollees in the empowerment program undergo a 3-month course in one of our centers in (Saida, Beirut, or Arsal), all of which are located in or near the camps in order to be easily accessible to women and youth.
The program is divided into two areas: academic, which comprises language teaching and literacy; and vocational training, which comprises practical skills training, including computer skills, sewing, and knitting.

The main vocational training focus is on sewing and wool instruction, both of which give women an opportunity not only to learn a trade, but also to establish a means for regular income-earning


  • Empower youth and women’s personal skills
  • Support women’s economic situation
  • Support youth and women’s psychologically


  • Strong and independent women
  • Youth and women have high mental health

Tote Bags Article

The tote bags are sewn as part of the Empowerment Programme for Syrian refugee women in our centres in Lebanon. The women participating in this programme sew together.

Mulan Article

Dolls are a source of amusement for children, but this is not the only purpose for the dolls of our trainees at the center. These dolls express the secret of the strength inherent in these women…