From volunteers in Lebanon to editors of “Bukra Ahla – For a better tomorrow”

A newly released photography book written by two SB OverSeas volunteers, Sara del Debbio and Sergio Porcarelli, present testimonies from Syrian children and families who fled the war to find a better life in Lebanon. After collecting stories and photographs during their stay at the Bukra Ahla Centre in Beirut over the summer of 2017, Sara and Sergio finally presented their work to a Brussels audience in the evening of the 29th November.

The main characters featured in the book are children enrolled in SB OverSeas’ non-formal schools, women and teenagers participating in our empowerment centres, our Syrian members of staff and international volunteers, all making up the big family SB OverSeas has created away from the deprivation of the Shatila Refugee Camp. Their faces and tales make the reader travel through their journey from Syria to Lebanon. They had many different motivations for leaving their home country: some saw their houses destroyed or wished to avoid conscription by the army, while others took the risk to flee their country to protect their children and give them a better future.

The unique pictures taken by Sergio and the stories written by Sara create an amazing reportage on the everyday life and projects of migrants and refugees living in Shatila Camp but dreaming of a different fulfilling life. All the revenues from the book sale will finance SB OverSeas centres in Lebanon, to make these dreams come true.

You can watch an interview we conducted with Sara and Sergio at this event through this live video on Facebook.


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